The Upper Saranac Foundation (USF) is pleased to announce the return of Joe Viscardo, intern and temporary member of our staff. This is the second summer that Joe will be assisting USF with invasive species management and bathymetric mapping — mapping of the lake bottom. He will also work to develop an update to the watershed management plan.

Joe, a native of Saranac Lake, will be entering his senior year at St. Lawrence University this fall. He is studying geology and is a member of the St. Lawrence Saints football team. Following graduation, Joe has interests in environmental consulting, hydrology, and continuing his study of geology at the graduate level.

“Joe’s passion for water quality was the driving force in deciding to work with USF,” said Guy Middleton, USF lake manager. “We’re delighted to be working with him.”

Look for Joe out on the water, mapping, surveying, or performing other water quality work.