The 2019 Upper Saranac Lake Annual Report is now available to the public.

Preserve, Enhance and Protect is the theme of the 2019 accomplishments outlined in the report. The USF is proud to share its 2019 accomplishments, protecting the Upper Saranac Lake watershed. The report provides a platform to continue the USF’s advocacy and awareness for promoting water quality protection projects. Most importantly the report gives us an opportunity to acknowledge and thank the Upper Saranac Foundations donors, supporters, and volunteers. The 2019 Annual Report is now available on the USF website by clicking here.

The report provides an overview of the USF’s activities, grants, and how the USF utilizes its funding. This report helps convey who the Upper Saranac Foundation is and what we do. Highlights focus on aquatic invasive species management and prevention, partnerships, planning, management, and water quality surveying and monitoring.