The 2018 Upper Saranac Lake Aquatic Invasive Species Management Report is now available on the Upper Saranac Foundations web page:

This report summarizes the success of the Upper Saranac Foundation’s Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) management techniques and outlines work completed by Invasive Solutions Dive Company (ISDC). ISDC is contracted by USF to hand harvest AIS in the 5,000-plus acres of Upper Saranac Lake and Lower Fish Creek Pond. Data from the divers provides historical trends, totals of AIS removed, and harvesting locations, utilizing detailed maps and graphs.

Highlights of the report include:

  1. Eurasian watermilfoil harvesting amounts has declined to an all-time low of just under 200 pounds. This is compared to the initial year of the project in 20014 where 18 tons of milfoil was removed.
  2. The total number of Eurasian Watermilfoil plants found decreased by more than half from 2017.
  3. In 2018, there were no AIS found in 11 of the 39 delineated zones. Four zones can now be considered invasive free — that’s three consecutive years of no AIS found.
  4. Areas of Variable-leaf Watermilfoil and the total number of plants harvested has increased from 2017. The spread to the Upper Lake is attributed to high density levels in Fish Creek Campground. It is anticipated, through efforts of the Fish Creek Aquatic Invasive Species Management Project, this trend will be reversed.

Funding for the Upper Saranac Lake Invasive Species Management Project, exceeding $125,000, is supported through tax deductible donations from USF supporters. The Upper Saranac Lake Invasive Species Management Project is part of a larger watershed protection program, developed by the USF, that uses a combination of AIS prevention, monitoring, control activities and education to inhibit AIS spread. These projects depict the USF’s investment for the protection of our watershed, now and for future generations.