Upper Saranac Lake Watershed Stewards intercepted a boat entering Back Bay that was covered in Zebra Mussels. The boat, originating from the Hudson River was decontaminated using the Upper Saranac Foundation’s high pressure, hot water decocontamination unit.

Zebra Mussels are a small, destructive invasive species that can spread from lake to lake by hitching a ride on boats and trailers. They grow to only about 1 ½ inches. One Zebra Mussel can produce up to one million microscopic larvae. Zebra Mussels can cause tremendous environmental and economic damage – hurting aquatic life, clogging water intake pipes, damaging boats and hindering water recreation.

These small mussels displace native species, attach to and cover many surfaces, have sharp shells, and are a nuisance to humans. As filter feeders, they remove particles from the water, affecting the clarity, content, and ultimately the food chain of aquatic ecosystems.