The Upper Saranac Foundation has contracted Blue Mountain Engineering to oversee the repairs of the dam. This work includes reviewing and making an assessment of the development of the sinkhole in May, followed with an investigative report. In addition, Blue Mountain Engineering will analyze what repairs are needed and develop an engineering design plan. They will also oversee all required permitting, obtain bids and oversee the construction phase of the project.

An Investigative Engineering Report containing all of the field data (soil borings, test pit logs, analysis and incident conclusion) has been submitted to the NYSDEC dam safety unit for review. To access the Report, click here: 07-17 Engineering Report 9-14-18

An application has been submitted to the Adirondack Park Agency requesting a Jurisdictional Inquiry.

In addition, an application requesting a Special Permit was submitted to the Town of Harrietstown for approval. The Town is requiring a public notice submitted to the newspaper, an advisory opinion from the Planning Board, and approval from the Zoning Board of Appeals prior to issuing the permit. The first hearing is scheduled for October 10.

The Engineering Design Plan for the repairs and accompanying report has been completed and submitted to the NYSDEC dam safety unit. It is understood that the NYSDEC will issue an Emergency Action Permit to commence work immediately. To access the Engineering Design Plan, click here:07-17 REPAIR PLAN 9-28-18

Request for Proposals (RFPs) have been distributed to three contractors for consideration. One of which has visited the site to review the required work.

The response from the Lake Community to financially support this effort has been very encouraging. The Upper Saranac Foundation thanks those who have already supported this project, and asks those who have not to please consider a donation to the Bartlett Carry Dam fund at .