Water Conservation

Cornell Cooperative Extension illustration.
Cornell Cooperative Extension illustration.

Water Conservation – Water Efficiency  Opportunities for Lake – Friendly Living

Natural vegetation and gardens not only save water resources, but also save on yard maintenance. Did you know Upper Saranac Lake is drinking water? The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation has given Upper Saranac Lake a Waterbody Classification of Double A (AA), indicating that the water is suitable for using as a drinking water supply, also referred to as potable water.

Everything flows down to the lake!

Pollutants on roads, driveways, sidewalks and lawns can wash into streams and storm drains which empty into the lake. Common pollutants include oil/gas, pesticides, fertilizer, pet waste and effluent from failing septic systems.

What You Can Do to Help Protect the Upper Saranac Lake Watershed:


  1. Smaller lawns surrounded by landscaped areas increase the retention of stormwater runoff from impenetrable surfaces such as roofs or driveways.
  2. Careful placement of trees can reduce heating and cooling costs.
  3. Use native plants to decrease the need for watering.
  4. Landscape the slope to the water’s edge into rain gardens utilizes stormwater runoff to naturally water plants.

Home Usage:

  1. Repair leaky faucets, leaky faucets dripping at the rate of one drip/second wastes 3,000 gal/ year
  2. Use the dish washer and washing machine only when full.
  3. Filling a bathtub uses almost 70 gallons of water, while taking a 5-minute shower uses around 15 gallons.
  4. Leaving the faucet running while brushing your teeth wastes 2 gallons of water a minute