Some lake residents have expressed concern about areas of milfoil in the lakes tributaries and its potential threat to the Upper Lake. One particular area of worry is Fish Creek, upstream of the campground. Currently the Upper Saranac Lake Foundation harvests Milfoil from the entire Upper Lake and Fish Creek Pond East of Route 30, not any further upstream. Fish Creek is one possible way milfoil enters the Upper Lake but preliminary studies show it has little impact. Interestingly enough there is no Milfoil between Fish Creek Ponds and the Upper Lake. If Fish Creek was a major contributor one would think that this portion of the creek would have Milfoil.  The reality is that Milfoil is currently in the Upper Lake; we are beyond the point of trying to prevent its introduction and can only control its spread. Milfoil growth in Upper Saranac Lake is primarily from fragmentation of existing plants and has limited new introduction.