A concern that was brought to my attention late in summer of 2009 was the lack of frogs in Spring Pond, a small tributary at the north end of the lake off of Back Bay. I had an opportunity to investigate and although I didn’t notice any frogs myself, I did see plenty of wildlife. It is not surprising that there are no frogs visible at this time of year and obviously all egg masses and tadpoles would be gone by this time as well. I did see Blue Herron, King Fisher, geese and plenty of small fish.

Overall amphibians seem to be declining throughout North America and no one is sure exactly why, global warming, natural cycles, pollution? Although there didn’t seem to be any frogs in Spring Pond this year it is unlikely they are gone completely but there is a good chance that they may be decreasing. The fact that there are predators to the frogs in the pond is a good sign.

Unfortunately there are no immediate and definitive answers to the change in Spring Pond. Be assured there is a commitment to the continued monitoring of the Pond with special attention next spring during the active frog season. The DEC has been consulted; they stated that unless there is a thorough density study it is not easy to determine population trends. They did commit to me that they would join me next spring when the frogs are active in the mating season in determining what species are present in the pond.