(Bi-Weekly Update & Map)
Week 1: 5/20/13 – 5/23/13


Started the season swimming all key areas of Little Square Bay using a “zig zag” dive pattern through the littoral zone. 1/2 of a bag was harvested from the south, west and and the “tongue” portions of the bay. Plants were primarily new growth ranging from 1/2 to 4 inches in height.


Started swimming on the northeastern shore of Square Bay swimming all major littoral areas of the bay finding 1/2 of a bag. Most plants were found on the northeastern area mixed in with bass weed, although plants were scattered throughout the bay. Continued south to the divot just south of the bay where 35 small plants were found.


Continued swimming south from Square Bay towards the bay to the east of Buck Island finding 60 plants scattered throughout the area. Continued swimming into the channel east of Buck Island finding 22 plants. Moved to Bottleneck Bay and the area just to the north of Bottleneck bay finding 60 plants mainly in the deeper water north of the bay. Plants were mostly new although a few multi-stemmed plants were found.


Swam the north, west and south sides of Fish Creek Bay finding 25 plants scattered around the littoral zones. Moved to Fish Creek pond to swim it before the busy holiday weekend where 31 plants were found scattered throughout the pond. Plants were small and water was very murky.

Weekly bag count: 1.5 bags, 37.5 lbs.

Week 1 milfoil map
Week 1 milfoil map