Began the day responding to milfoil buoys. At the South Basin 18 plants were harvested mostly tall single-stemmed mixed with bassweed. At the Camp Wenonah area a total of 22 milfoil plants were found mostly from the shallows. All plants were young and 1-2 stemmed. Finished the day in Gilpin Bay where 30 plants were removed, most were small single-stemmed however a 6 stemmed old growth plant was found on the north side of the bay.


Began the day diving Little Square bay removing 1/4 of a bag of plants mostly from the shallows. A few large multi-stemmed plants were found covered in heavy algae growth. Relocated to the east side of Buck Island finding 1/5th of a bag of mostly single-stemmed plants from the shallows held up in the fallen brush. On the north side of the island 23 plants were found around the shallow marker buoys. Most were single-stemmed however three two-stemmed plants were found. The west side of the island produced no plants.


Began the day with full coverage of the north and south portions of Bottle Bay along with the ridge connecting the north point and the swim area for Bottle Bay Camp six single-stemmed plants were harvested from the area. Relocated to the wide littoral zone in front of Donaldson’s Campground working our way south into the narrows finding four plants in the bassweed in front of Donaldson’s. Moved to the bay southeast of the narrows finding two single-stemmed plants. Finished the day responding to buoys dropped by the Lake Manager on the south side of Square Bay harvesting three tall single-stemmed plants and one rooted fragment.


Started the day in Saginaw Bay working the north shore area around to the south, twenty two single-stemmed plants were harvested on the north side just inside of the small island. The south side of the bay produced two mature plants near the danger buoys and 1/5 of a bag from the mouth of the bay south east of Wind Island. Finished up in the south side of Pork Bay responding to Lake Manager Buoys. Eleven tall mature plants were removed.

Total bag count: 1 bag 25 lbs.

week 9