Heading back up to Little Square for optimal surface spotting 15 tall, multi-stem plants are found, occasional short single-stem plants are found around taller plants. 1/5 bag is harvested. North end of Buck Island holds 1 tall single stem plant. The bay south of Square also holds 1 tall single-stem plant and a fragment rooting close by. Continuing to the North Basin for more surface spotting yields 15 tall single-stem plants and moving to Goose Island 6 tall, single-stem plants are found


Gilpin Bay starts the day with 20 tall, multi-stem plants. Working South is the theme of the day as ideal surface spotting persists. Pelky Bay produces 1 single stem plant. Bungalow Bay yields 2 mature, multi-stem plants and 5 small fallout plants. Working the bassweed out to Deer Island, 1 tall, single-stem plant and few small surrounding plants are removed. In Pork Bay 8 mostly single-stem plants are found.


covering Wenonah Bay well ¼ bag is found. 12 tall, multi-stem plants are spotted from surface and many single-stem plants less than a foot tall scattered through bay. Spider creek is walked producing 1/5 bag. The area of the bay to the right of spider creek is walked and snorkeled shallow. 1/5 of a bag of variable leaf is removed.


South Basin yields a few small plants. A small cove on the west shore to the north produced 2 tall, multi-stem, mature, fragmenting plants. Corey’s Island is swum in the area that traditionally holds milfoil. None is found, however to the north of the rock jetty in a small littoral pocket 2 tall, multi-stem plants and some satellite plants are cleared. Moving back to Fish Creek looking for Variable leaf milfoil where a large patch was found a few weeks earlier, ¼ bag is collected. ** Many variable fragments are found floating in the water and appear to be blowing from under the bridge. Rooting fragments are also found along the bottom as we picked **

Harvest totals
Eurasian watermilfoil – 3/4 bag 18.75 lbs
Variable leaf milfoil – ½ bag 12.5 lbs

week 8