Began the week in the North Basin removing 4 multi-stemmed plants. Relocated to Little Square Bay removing 1/4 of a bag. Most plants were single stemmed however a few had 2-4 stems. Most were located on the tongue. Continued heading south between Butternut Point and Bottle Bay finding no plants on this dive. Relocated to Gilpin Bay finding 30 plants all were young and single stemmed. At Bungalow Bay one plant was removed from the point between Bungalow and Pelky bays.


A dive of the littoral east of Doctors Island produced 5 tall 2 stemmed plants mixed in with heavy native bass weed growth. Relocated to the north and west sides of Deer Island harvesting 23 plants. Most were small young plants however a mature 6 stemmed plant was found on the western side of the island. After waiting out a quick afternoon thunder storm the crew relocated to the north/northwest side of Eagle Island finding a small cluster of 13 plants surrounded by a tall 4 stemmed mother plant. Continued to the south end of the island in front of the old girl scout beach finding no milfoil.


Started the day diving the north side of Birch Island working in and out from shore to the drop off finding 2 single stemmed plants. Relocated to the north of the Birch Island channel finding no plants in the areas they are typically found. Continued on that a shoreline working out way to Bartlett Bay finding no milfoil. Once in Bartlett Bay 4 plants were removed from the north side and 2 plants were found near the canoe carry.


Began the day diving Fish Creek pond in search of Variable leaf and Eurasian milfoil. Starting south of Hickock’s canoe livery and working around the entire pond in and out of the littoral zone. 1 bag of variable leaf milfoil was found along the east shore, mostly from the north of the channel. A few long floating fragments were also found drifting from the bridge with the south westerly winds. Returned to the main lake to the mouth of the fish creek channel, finding 8 variable leaf plants just west of the green channel marker. Also a band of 18 variable leaf plants were removed from the edge of the Lilly pads on the north side of the channel.

Total bag count:

1/2 bag Eurasian Milfoil 12.5 lbs

1 Variable Leaf 25 lbs