Monday –

started the week responding to USLF buoys around Buck and mouth of Saginaw bay. The N end of Buck holds 1/8 bag in the bassweed, plants are small single-stem with the occasional tall multi stem plant visible from surface. Another 1/8 of a bag is collected off the east side of the island and Saginaw bay entrance shallows. Plants are tall single or double stem. 6 small single stem plants are found in Pork bay shallows and an afternoon surface spot of green bay finds no plants. A swim around the west point of Green Island yields 1 single stem short plant.


gassing up with 20.9 gallons we respond to USLF buoys in the south of the lake. South basin is worked hard using the USLF buoys as reference ¼ bag is harvested. Indian point is also swam and 25 plants are found scattered in and around the rocks, tall double stem. Moving to the buoys at Doctors Island only 2 tall single stem plants are found.


working the bassweed and responding to a buoy at the mouth of Bartlett carry the divers harvest 2 single stem tall plants. Swimming north up the shoreline and switching to surface spotting as conditions get better no plants are found on way to Gull bay. South Gull yields a few multi stem plants and 10 small plants in there surrounding area. 1 Plant found shallow the rest out in the bassweed. Bottle bay yields 1 small single stem plant. After lunch surface spotting finds Variable leaf milfoil in Fish Creek and snorkeling and buoys dropped help map out a plan for tomorrow.


Good Am surface spotting finds 1 large plant between Square Bay and Buck Island. Fish Creek Pond yields 2 ¾ bag of Variable leaf and ¼ bag of milfoil. These plants were all rooted and small 4-5 branches. Some locations like the boat launch for trading post campground had large patches of young plants present almost 1.5 bags worth here. It is important to continue to monitor this area as this acts as a buffer before variable can get into the main lake. A few USLF buoys are harvested in Pork Bay finding 3 tall single stem plants.

Week totals:

¾ bag of Eurasian watermilfoil 18.75 lbs

2 ¾ bag of Variable leaf milfoil 68.75 lbs

week 6