Good surface spotting conditions existed so we surveyed the N. Basin around a few USLF buoys and outward into other know productive areas throwing our buoys as well. Using these as points of reference the hookah was used to harvest plants surface spotted and search surrounding areas for smaller satellite plants. 18 plants found. Most were tall single or double stem. After talking with Guy about Thursdays itinerary and buoys in little square we changed location. Ideal surface spotting conditions continued. Some sporadic and very tall plants were found out in the tongue, a large amount of small plants were found in the shallows just out on the edge of the Lilly pads. This area seems very productive this year and warrants continued attention. 3/4 of a bag was collected in Little Square.


South Basin was swam finding 8 tall plants out deeper in the bassweed. Moved to Doctor’s island, 1 large multi stem plant and 6 smaller plants were found. Bungalow bay held 10 or so tall single stem young plants. A few sunken rooting fragments were also found. Bottleneck bay was surveyed in response to a USLF buoy. A tall 3 stem plant was found at the buoy with a few small plants close by. One other small single stem plant was found north in the adjoining bay out deeper towards the drop off.


Went to Square bay in response to two USLF buoys, 10 single stem plants found. Three areas worked hardest are out off the campsite in the north of the bay and the bassweed at the southern mouth of the bay. The small littoral zone that has the swim area for the Point was covered, this site had 1 variable leaf milfoil plant last year and was found to be free of any milfoil this year. The Donnely’s bassweed patch held 6 tall single stem plants in close proximity. Birch bay littoral zone was covered as well as south along shore before the point and turn into North gull. 4 plants were found. Pork bay was swam to finish out the day, areas out deeper are explored and a few scattered small plants were found.


Another good morning for surface spotting leads us to put out 12 more buoys. Moving to explore the shallows west of Goose no plants found (2013 was last time a plant was picked here). Moved to the area west of Goose Island where we began working our way around the island toward USLF buoys and staging for the classes. It should be noted a loon was found on its nest along the North side and given a wide berth. After collecting a couple show pieces for the kids we harvested the buoys and found a few other adjacent plants, 5 in total. A GPS point was put on a bassweed patch out in front of the Marlboro camp so we can find and dive there in the future. Headed back to Little Square for the remainder of the day and found lots of small less than 12” plants abundant in the shallows. Buoys thrown out deeper were worked between as reference points and yielded some more small clusters of tall single stem plants. 1/5 of a bag collected

Harvest total: 1 bag 25 lbs

Week 5