Began the week diving the wide littoral zone in Gilpin Bay, removing 24 small new growth plants with a maximum of two stems. Plants were scattered throughout the very back of the bay. Relocated to the bay by Camp Wenonah where 13 plants were found mostly from the shallows mixed with Lilly pads.
Moved to the bay in the southeast side of the narrows finding no milfoil. Continued north up eastern side of the narrows to the cove south of pork bay finding no milfoil. One plant was found during a quick dive of Wind Island at the end of the day.


Began the day diving Square Bay from campsite 11 covering all hot spots on the north, east and south parts of the bay a total of 17 plants were removed. Plants were all single stemmed ranging from newly rooted fragments to five feet in height.


Continued diving the south side of Square bay working our way south toward Buck Island. 1 small single stemmed plant was removed from the north side of Square Bay. From the divot south of Square Bay to the bay east of Buck Island 7 small single-stemmed plants were removed. Swam the bassweed on the south, west and north sides of Buck Island finding 1 small plant from the south side, and 1 three foot plant from the west. On the north side between the island and danger buoys a small patch of tall multi-stemmed plants was found, producing 1/4 of a bag.


Continued the North Side of Buck Island focusing on the bassweed between the island and danger buoys finding another 50 plants ranging from small newly rooted fragments to 3 stemmed plants growing up to just below the surface. Once the area was deemed clear we relocated to Bottle Bay working the south portion of the bay into the bay to the north. No plants were found in this area. Relocated to Little Square Bay working the area from the tan and red boathouse out to the tongue. 1/4 of a bag of mostly short single stemmed plants was harvested.

Total bag count: ½ bag 12.5 lbs

week 3