Milfoil Report 2015 – Week 2: 6/15/15 -6/18/15


Swam the South Basin finding 20 plants of various heights mostly in the bassweed that held the highest concentration of plants last year. Moving up the east shore the divers swam from Indian Carry to Indian Point finding one large multi stem plant and 10 other small rooting plants.


Swam the N. Shore of deer island, 10 tall single stem plants found in the bassweed by the shallow water boys on the west end. Only a few other plants found while swimming the shoreline. Moved to Wenona Bay from Sekon to Panther point for the afternoon the divers found 1/5 bag of milfoil many of these plants were tall multi-stem plants.


Working Bungalow Bay the divers found 3 plants in front of the large lawn in the bassweed. Swimming north up the shore yielded 2 small plants off Hellers Point. Moving to Gilpin Bay yielded 1 large multi-stem plant in the shallows and 7 small single stem plants out deeper in the bassweed patch. Swimming the North and West shore of Eagle Island yielded only one small un-rooted fragment caught in the weeds.


Swimming Birch Island and surrounding areas that have historically had milfoil yielded no plants. Swimming South Gull yields 1 multi stem plant in shallow rooted in the sand and 2 short single stem plants out in the bassweed. Moving to North Gull Bay yielded 4 tall, multi-stem plants out in bassweed where plants were found last year.

Week totals: ¼ bag 6.25 lbs

week 2