A swim of Fish Creek is done again to look for Variable leaf milfoil, 36 plants are found. It appears that some roots were left in the initial clearing of the variable and the majority of plants found are young offshoots of this. Only a few fragments were found at the head of the creek. The substrate of Fish Creek is packed sand and debris under thick grass making both spotting and removal tricky. This second growth was easily cleaned and should help in a continual decline of variable present in the creek. I do not believe new variable is entering the creek very fast and with continued cleaning we should see a big reduction in plant numbers. A follow up swim in Fish Creek Bay produced significantly less variable plants than weeks before. The old boat house on the corner with Donaldson’s was swam again and found no remaining variable. I have concentrated my efforts to Fish Creek Bay and Fish Creek in an attempt to push variable back in to fish creek ponds.
The littoral zone between N and S Gull was swam entirely producing plants in traditionally documented places. A large bassweed patch held one large 9 stem fragmenting plant and a trail of tall single-stem plants. This area is only swum once or twice a year and has been added to the milfoil spreadsheet under Gull Middle. No milfoil was found in this stretch last year and should be swam a few times next year to keep it clean.
South Basin was swum all day Thursday. A mature patch of Eurasian milfoil was found deep off of the bassweed and produced ¼ bag. These plants were 8’ tall and producing lots of fragments. All day Thursday was spent cleaning this area. The S. Basin is open to good light and has shown to grow milfoil out deeper than the bassweed and should be swam (and surface spotted) with this is mind.

Week totals:
Eurasian 3/4 bag 18.75 lbs
Variable 1/5 bag 5 lbs
week 14