In Fish Creek Bay an exploratory snorkel up the south shoreline in the grasses and lily pads was done looking for VLM. This was followed by a dive of the deeper areas of the littoral in the same area. VLM was found in three places as one travels out of the bay. The first was a lone 6’’ fragment sunk and rooting. Farther down shore a young 3 stem VLM plant was found. The cove with the old green-roof boathouse as you round the corner into Donaldson’s held 2 plants, totaling 10 plus stems. These plants have likely been there all summer and were found shallow in a downed tree. Some fragments and small plants were also found by the channel markers into Fish Creek.
A further coverage dive of the Donaldson’s and South into the Narrows areas was completed with no VLM found.


There has been VLM found in fish creek bay already, shallows in the west end, the outlet of Fish Creek as well as the point. The plants found this week however expand the area of known VLM growth. These plants were found shallow in grasses and lily pads. Eurasian milfoil (EWM) prefers to grow deeper and in the bassweed. We don’t often find EWM in a foot of water on this lake and our methods reflect this. When we dive an area more time is spent in known productive habitat. It is clear VLM is a different character and we are adopting some new methodology for finding it. It is important to realize the mature plants in Fish Creek that were found and removed no longer seed the lake. The plants in Fish Creek Bay should be virtually eradicated as all littoral zones from shallow to drop off have been searched. As for Fish Creek Pond most of the mature patches of VLM should be gone. Follow up swims to areas where we found patches of plants earlier this year now only hold occasional rooting fragments. If we don’t let any VLM mature and fragment we should be able to push it back up Fish Creek and then manage the fragments coming in from under the bridge. This will hopefully show in a reduction of plants found next year. There should be no place left in Fish creek Pond, Fish Creek or Fish Creek Bay that has not been swam and therefore we should be seeing less of it. All know VLM growth areas should be meticulously swam again at the end of the season.

Week totals
EWM= 3/4 bag 18.75 lbs
VLM= 1/5 bag 5 lbs

week 12