Fish creek held 1 ¾ bags of Variable leaf milfoil (VLM). The majority of plants were harvested in the middle of the channel, held in the big bend. The plants existed in the tall grass and are hard to see. Fish Creek is always surface spotted when driven through. However this technique is no longer effective with the presence of VLM. These plants have probably been growing unseen for some time. Another bag was harvested from a patch on the drop-off just north of the creek inlet. The abundance of floating VLM fragments is concerning because it represents the severity of what’s happening in the Fish Creek campground ponds. VLM appears to grow slower and should be manageable however the amount of fragments seeding the lake is alarming. A VLM fragment was found free-floating past the last buoys into Fish Creek Bay. It was removed.
Week totals

1 bag Eurasian watermilfoil 25 lbs
2 ¾ bags Variable-leaf milfoil 43.75 lbs

wk 11 Fish Creek

wk 11 USL