Began the week finding perfect surface spotting conditions. A full survey of the tongue of Little Square bay was done. A total of 55 single stemmed plants were removed. After refueling the boat the crew moved to the south side of Pork Bay where a small patch of 21 mature one to four stemmed plants were removed with rooted fragments scattered around them. Continuing full coverage of the south side of the bay 15 more various sized plants were removed, the majority being single-stemmed.


With poor weather conditions and low boat traffic a dive of the Fish Creek channel was done. Divers worked from the main lake toward Fish Creek Pond. 1/4 of a bag of variable leaf milfoil was removed mostly from the Upper Saranac side of the channel. Numerous plants were removed from the center of the boating lane. Continued into Fish Creek pond working from the channel around to Hickocks’s campground with full littoral coverage finding another 1/2 of a bag of variable leaf and 15 Eurasian milfoil plants. All variable leaf found was small having only one or two stems.


Began the day responding to milfoil buoys. At the Point there were two buoys and four plants removed. On the east side of Buck Island a band of 25 mature three to four stemmed plants were found. Plants were auto-fragmenting. Another small patch of eight single stemmed plants was removed south of the east campsite on Buck Island. Relocated to the bay east of Buck working through its wide littoral zone removing a total of 18 mature plants. Continued north toward Square Bay finding nine mature plants in the cove south of Square.


Began the day in the North Basin responding to milfoil buoys and to demonstrate hand harvesting for the Water Shield Workshop. A total of five single-stemmed milfoil plants were harvested. A full coverage dive of the east side of Goose Island was done finding 12 mature single-stemmed plants. With good afternoon sunlight and calm waters on the west side of the lake a surface survey from Pelky Bay to Bull Point resulted in five mature plants from Pelky Bay and one single-stemmed plant from Bull Point.

Total Bag Count:

1/2 Eurasian 12.5 lbs

3/4 Variable Leaf 18.75 lbs

week 10