Milfoil Report 2015 – Week 1: 6/8/15 – 6/11/15


Dock installation and launching of Upper Saranac work boat. Started in Pork Bay (the same area that produced a large plant at the end of last season). The immediate shallows from the new down tree in front of all the boat docks was covered to check for milfoil before the Lilly pads grow in thick. Search yielded, 1 multi stem plant and 3 nearby rooting fragments. The shallow areas of Little Square from Butternut Point to the brown and red boat house were searched yielding 1 small plant.


The mainland shore east of Buck Island from the start of Saginaw bay north yielded 2 small multiple stem plants. The North end of Buck shallow water buoys and rock yielded only 1 small single stem plant offshore in the bassweed. After lunch and a thunderstorm the last hours of the day spent exploring the tongue of Little Square, 5 plants found and a few rooting fragments. (The tongue needs to be further swam and cleaned before the bassweed grows in thick again)


Worked the east shoreline of Buck from the campsite on the point to the North end of island. Looked in the shallows and areas where other plants will grow in thick. Yielded 1 single stem 1 foot tall plant. Shallow bay east of buck was covered finding 2 multi-stem, tall plants. The shoreline shallows and Lilly pad beds in the south of Little Square were searched finding no plants. The afternoon swim on the tongue of little square yielded a couple of tall multi-stem plants and 20 small rooting fragments in the surrounding area.


The entire day was spent in Fish Creek pond from the mouth of Spider Creek to the small boat launch. Variable leaf milfoil fragments were abundant along the shoreline and in shallow water tangled in downed trees and flotsam. NO rooted variable leaf was found diving out deeper in the same area it was removed from last year. Yielded 1/3 bag of variable leaf milfoil fragments. I believe these fragments are blowing downwind from under the bridge and fish creek campground depositing here.

Week totals: 1/20 bag of Eurasian milfoil (1.25 lbs) 1/3 bag of Variable leaf milfoil (8.3 lbs)

week 1