Began the week swimming in the North Basin, finding 30 plants that averaged 3 feet tall with 2 to 3 stems. Shifted to the northern most bay of the North Basin, directly across from the Marlboro Camp, finding only 1 small plant. Swam Green Island from its western side to it’s east, along the southern shoreline, finding 0 plants. Swam the cove directly southwest of Green Island, also finding 0 plants. Found 7 plants at the “divot” south of Big Square, which averaged 3 feet in height with single stems. Swam the shallows in the western end of Gilpin Bay, finding 12 plants of the same size. Finished the day, covering the patch of bass weed in Pelky Bay, finding 8 plants, also averaging 3 feet in height with 1 to 2 stems.
Total plant count: 58


Returned to the northern most bay of North Basin. Swam along the shallow water markers in front of the Marlboro camp, then back along the drop off to its west. Found an 8 foot plant and a 1 foot plant along the drop off, both having single stems. Utilized calm weather in Little Square Bay to surface spot plants along its western shoreline and “tongue” areas. Found a quarter bag of milfoil, consisting of 120 plants. Plants ranged in size from single stem and 3 feet tall in shallows to 7 feet with multiple stems along the “tongue”. Shifted to Big Square Bay, swimming the bass weed along its entire southern shoreline with a “zig-zag” technique, finding 0 plants. Returned to Pelky Bay to swim the bass weed patch in its western most corner, finding 2 small plants.
Total plant count: 124


Utilized calm weather and flat water to spot harvest in the North Basin. Used two boats and advancing search patterns to cover the entire southern shore and eastern areas of bass weed where milfoil has been continuously found. Removed a total of 80 plants, averaging 4 to 5 feet tall with 2 stems. Several old and brittle plants were found which were up to 7 feet tall with 8 or more stems. Shifted to the patch of bass weed in front of Camp Wenonah, finding 15 plants, which were single stemmed and 2 to 3 feet tall. Swam the eastern cove in the South Basin finding 6 single stemmed plants, which ranged from 1 foot to 5 feet tall. Swam the southwestern corner of the South Basin, finding 6 single stemmed plants, averaging 3 feet tall.
Total plant count: 107


Swam Doctors Island, including the rock pile to its south and the shoals to its east. Found 4 plants in a patch of bass weed along the southwestern area of the island. Two plants were tall with 3 stems, the other two were single stemmed, and 2 feet tall. Swam the bass weed along the drop off of Pork Bay finding a total of 21 plants, which averaged 5 feet tall with 1 to 2 stems.
Swam the drop off along the western shore of The Narrows, finding 0 plants.
Total plant count: 25

Weekly plant count: 314

Weekly Bag count: ¾’s of a full bag 18.75 lbs

week 9