Began on the north side of Deer Island finding 15 various sized plants scattered along the entire shoreline. Continued into Bungalow Bay where 35 plants were removed from the center of the bay and the south shore. Moved to Corey’s Island where 7 plants were found on the southern shore. At camp Wenonah area 17 more plants were removed. On the shoreline east of Buck Island and channel area 14 plants were harvested. The south side of Saginaw Bay produced 3 more small plants.


Spent the day thoroughly covering the vast littoral zone of the North Basin and Markham Point. The area is starting to look better, only 1/2 of a bag was removed. Plants ranged from small single stemmed to multi stemmed and growing to the surface. The area should be checked again due to the wide spread out littoral zone.


Began the day diving Gilpin Bay where 57 plants were found. Plants were mostly small growing between 6 and 12 inches in the shallows. Some large multi stemmed plants were found in the deeper water as well. Moved to the rock pile in the center of the bay where no plants were found. At Little Square Bay 21 plants were harvested from the shallows and tongue area. Plants were single stemmed new growth.


Began the day diving Pork Bay through the bassweed at the mouth of the bay and the lily pad zone to the east. The bay was in good condition finding only 13 small plants mostly from the shallow areas. Moved to the north/northwest and south side of Eagle Island finding only 4 small plants.

Total bag count: 1.5 bags 37.5 lbs

Week 8
Week 8