Began working the North Basin where Guy Middleton had located several plants in the center of the area. A small but dense old growth bed was removed from the shallow water marker line producing 1 bag. Moved to Square Bay where the major hot spots on the north south and eastern shores were swam. Only 9 plants were found. Continued to the divot south of Square Bay where another 16 plants were found.


Dove the rock pile found last year south east of Green Island finding no plants. Moved to the
Little Square Bay Tongue area finding the area to be in excellent shape only 22 plants were found all young single stemmed plants. Continued south toward Bottle Bay where a total of 11 plants were removed mostly from the bay to
the north. Moved to the East Side of Goose Island where 8 large multi stemmed plants were removed.


Returned to the North Basin where another 1/2 of a bag was found of multi stemmed old growth plants. Moved to the east side of Buck Island 17 plants were found scattered throughout the area. Continued to the north side of the island where only 4 plants removed from around the rock pile.


Returned to the North Basin in the morning to check the productive areas. 8 more large plants were harvested from the central area. Swam the southern and western portions of Buck Island finding 6 single stemmed plants. Relocated to the Northern side of Saginaw Bay where 15 small single stemmed plants were removed.

Total bag count: 2 bags 50 lbs

Week 7
Week 7