Swam from Spider Creek area to Hickocks boat livery finding 0 plants. Met Guy and a group of boaters for the Invasive Species Awareness paddle. Continued Fish Creek swim finding 4 plants. Helped guy with dock adjustments in Back Bay. Swam Eagle Island and adjacent rock piles finding 3 plants.


Swam Bull Point south to the Wawbeek finding 1 plant at a Guy buoy. Swam the bay northeast of Buck Island into Square Bay finding 8 plants along the entire swim.


Swam both sides of the Narrows in their entirety finding 0 plants. Swam Pork Bay finding 8 additional plants.


Swam shoreline from Lilly Bay to Doctor’s Island finding 10 plants. Swam area infront of Camp Wenonah finding ¼ bag of plants. Responded to a buoy in Green Bay finding 1 plant.

Weekly bag total: ½ bag 12.5 lbs

Week 6
Week 6