Started the week in the North Basin with buoys marked by Guy. Harvested buoys and general area surrounding them for a total of ¼ bag. Swam the shallow spot between Green Island and Markham Point finding 0 plants. Swam Green Bay removing a total of 10 plants. Swam Spider Creek to clear persistent growth seen as a likely fragment source, removed 10 small plants mainly by the tunnel to Follensby Clear. Responded to a buoy at Deer Island removing 1 plant.


Made use of good surface spotting conditions in Little Square. Buoy marked and harvested 11 plants. Swam the North side of Buck Island finding 10 plants in the rock pile and bassweed patch. Continued around to the Buck Island channel removing 5 plants from the east side. Swam the south shore of Saginaw Bay removing 8 plants. Moved to Pork Bay and found 5 plants among the bassweed. Went to Goose Island and removed 2 plants from entire area. Removed 1 plant from a Guy buoy in Bungalow Bay.


Swam the Bartlett Carry bay shorelines and removed 1 plant there from a Guy buoy. Swam the bassweed near Birch Island from the green boathouse up to Spruce Island finding 0 plants. Expanded search of the North Basin around area of Monday’s buoys removing ¼ bag of plants.


Assisted Guy with installing Back Bay dock for the USLF skiff. Conducted a shore swim of Fish Creek Bay yielding 1 plant. Swam some key areas of Little Square Bay finding 0 plants. Sever afternoon thunderstorms.

Weekly bag total: ¾ bag 18.75 lbs

Week 5
Week 5