Began with swimming Gilpin Bay to include the island to its south, the southern shoreline, the rock-pile in its center and a line swim of its western cove. Found 3 single stem plants, 3 to 4 feet tall, near the island and 4 plants in its Western Cove. 2 of which were tall, 2 short. Shifted to Bungalow Bay where we line swam its large bass weed patch, and the rock shoals to its north. Found a total of 4 plants in the bass weed patch, 2 of which were 3 feet tall, 2 of which were 6 feet tall. Moved to Corey’s Island and swam it’s western shoreline but found no plants. Shifted to the western shoreline of the lake, adjacent to Corey’s island and swam its large bass weed patch. Found one tall plant and 2 plants less than a foot in height. Finished by swimming the northern shoreline of Deer Island, finding a single 5-foot tall plant with 2 stems, towards its eastern side.
Daily plant count: 15


Spent the majority of the day ensuring good coverage in Little Square Bay. Found 20 plants in a cluster on its western shoreline. 10 of which were 4 to 5 feet tall with up to 4 stems, 10 of which were 1 to 2 feet tall, with single to double stems. Found another cluster in the southwestern corner of the bay, containing 10 plants: 5 tall and, 5 short. Found a total of 14 plants, sporadically throughout the “tongue” portion in the center of the bay, while line swimming for good coverage. Plants ranged from 2-5 feet tall with up to 4 stems.
Shifted to the large patch of bass weed off the northwestern shoreline of Eagle Island. Found a total of 5 plants, primarily up to 4 feet tall with 3 to 4 stems.
Daily plant count: 48


Spent the majority of the day swimming the shorelines of Big Square Bay in a “zig-zagging” manner to cover from the shore to approximately 80 feet out. Found only 2 plants, both approximately 4 feet tall and single stemmed. 1 was found in a small cove along the northern shoreline, the other towards the southeastern corner of the bay. Shifted to the eastern side of Buck island and covered the large area between the Island and the channel to its east. Found 8 plants in this area, mostly 4 to 5 feet tall with up to 4 stems. Shifted to the opposite side of the channel and swam north along the shoreline, then covered the entire bay to the northeast of Buck Island. Found 6 plants at the southwestern corner of this bay, mostly 3 feet tall with 2 to 3 stems. Found 1 small plant in the eastern most part of the bay and 8 medium sized plants in the bass weed patch along the northern shoreline.
Daily plant count: 25


Utilized the calm weather in the early morning to “spot harvest” in the center of Big Square Bay and the Western shoreline of Little Square Bay. Found no plants in Big Square but found 3 more plants on the western shoreline of Little Square. 2 of which were 5 feet tall with 3 stems, 1 of which was 2 feet tall and single stemmed. Shifted to Bottle Neck Bay and swam the bass weed patch at its entrance, finding no plants. Found a single 5-foot tall plant containing 2 stems, south of the patch, just off the point of land between the 2 bays. Moved to the small cove, just south of Big Square Bay, finding 3 plants within the bass weed. All of which were 3-4 feet tall and single stemmed. Shifted to the large patch of tall bass weed, off the shoreline that is south of Fish Creek Bay, finding no plants. Swam the southern shore of Buck Island, ensuring coverage to several hundred feet out from land. Included the small island to the southeast of Buck, finding 2 small single stemmed plants along the rocks to its east.

Daily plant count: 9

Weekly plant count: 97

Weekly bag count: 1/3 bag 8.25 lbs

Week 3
Week 3