Finished swimming the south side of Fish Creek Bay, Donaldson’s campground area and the west side of the narrows finding only 4 (1-2 stemmed) plants. 2 in Fish Creek Bay and 2 on the west side of the narrows. Relocated to Pork Bay where 30 small plants were found scattered around the bay.


Began in the bay north of Bottleneck Bay swimming the entire littoral zone finding only 3 plants on the ridge at the mouth of the bay. Continued south into Bottleneck Bay finding no milfoil in the area. Relocated to Saginaw Bay finding 6 (2-3 stemmed) plants east of the lean-to. 2 plants were found on the south side of the bay.


Continued swimming the south side of Saginaw Bay and into the bay between Saginaw and Pork Bay finding only 7 medium sized plants. Relocated to South Gull Bay where 8 medium plants were found mixed in with thick bassweed. Continued south toward the bay behind Doctor’s Island where another 5 plants were removed, two of which were multi stemmed growing to the surface.


Began diving North Gull Bay finding no milfoil throughout the bay. Native plants were healthy and growing to the surface. Due to boat issues the afternoon was spent diving all of Back Bay. Other than one floating fragment no milfoil was found.

Total Plant Count: 65
Total Bag Count: ¼ bag 6.25 lbs

Week 2
Week 2