Began diving Little Square Bay through the tongue and the western shallows. Twenty 1-3 stemmed plants were removed. Mostly found on the tongue. Moved south to Bottle Bay removing 4 single stemmed plants from the southern shoreline. A dive of the western side of Gilpin Bay produced 13 small plants in the shallows continuing east toward the narrows two tall 1-2 stemmed plants were picked. 1 tall single stemmed plant was removed from Pelky Bay.


Began the day diving the southern side of Bugalow Bay removing 17 tall single stemmed plants. Continued through the wide littoral zone that leads to Deer Island finding 3 tall single stemmed plants on the north side of the island. Relocated to Chapel Island where 1 tall single stemmed plant was removed on the east side of the island. On the north side of Bartlett bay 1 tall 4 stemmed plant was removed. A cluster of 12 1-2 stemmed plants was found just north of Indian point as well as 3 single stemmed plants in the South Basin.


Began the day with a full coverage surface survey of Little Square Bay. 37 tall single stemmed plants were located and removed from the tongue area and the south western shallows. Moved to Square Bay swimming the east and south littoral zones finding 6 single stemmed plants. The shoreline between Square Bay and Buck Island produced 4 small single stemmed plants.


A full coverage swim of the bay east of Buck Island produced 41 old growth multi stemmed plants in the center of the bay. Extra care was needed to gather any fragments released off the plants during harvesting. Relocated to Fish Creek Bay to check the mouth of the creek for variable leaf milfoil. Fortunately none was found. Continued east up the southern shore of the bay finding 4 single stemmed milfoil plants. Relocated to the bay near camp Wenonah finding 41 1-4 stemmed plants growing in the shallows.

Total Count: 1 bag 25 lbs

MILF 9.22