Began the day removing two single-stemmed plants from the bassweed patch in front of Donaldson’s campground. On the south side of Saginaw Bay four 1-2 stemmed plants were found and another nine plants were removed from the north side of Buck Island. Little Square Bay produced forty single-stemmed plants from the tongue and in the shallows mixed in the Lilly pads. Returned to Fish Creek Pond where one bag of variable-leaf milfoil was removed from the northern part of the pond. Four small Eurasian milfoil plants were also removed.


Returned to the western edge of Little Square Bay where another thirty small, six inch to one foot tall, single-stemmed plants were harvested from the edge of the Lilly Pads. Returned to Fish Creek Pond as well removing one half of a bag of variable leaf milfoil. It was found the variable leaf has spread into fish creek bay at the mouth of the channel. Two plants were removed from the area as well as eight small Eurasian Milfoil Plants. At the cove west of Doctors Island six small single stemmed plants were harvested.


Continued in the northern bay of Fish Creek removing another one half of a bag of Variable Leaf Milfoil from the edge of the Lilly pads. The area needed to be worked multiple times due to low visibility after removing the roots. Fifteen more Eurasian Milfoil plants were found in the Lilly pads as well. A swim up Spider Creek yielded eighteen small single stemmed plants. Relocated to the north side of Fish Creek Bay finding one variable leaf milfoil plant in the cove north west of Whitney Point. Gilpin Bay produced twenty two small, single-stemmed plants.


Began diving the west and south sides of Eagle Island finding only two plants one plant with seven stems and the other a small single-stemmed plant. Relocated to the North side of Deer Island where 10 small, single-stemmed plants were removed. Swam the western edge of Corey’s Island finding 9 single stemmed plants.

Total Bag count: 2 bags 50 lbs

MILF 8.25