Began swimming from the bay southeast of the narrows heading north into Pork Bay. 14 single stemmed plants were found in the bay to the south of the narrows and 9 plants were found on the east side of the narrows. In Pork Bay 23 mostly small, single-stemmed plants were removed from the southern side.


Began the morning finding perfect surface spotting conditions in the North Basin. A full survey of the area produced only 11 plants, 3 of which were large multi-stemmed plants found in the northeast corner near the Hatchery Brook outlet. Relocated to the South Basin where it was determined a full coverage line swim was needed throughout the central area. 70 plants mostly small single stemmed plants were found although a few tall 2 stemmed plants were removed.


Began the day finding another morning with perfect conditions for surface spotting. In Square Bay 11 plants were found and removed mostly small, young plants and 2 large, multi-stemmed plants. From the divot south of Square Bay to the Buck Island channel 18 mostly tall, multi-stemmed plants were removed. On the eastern side of Buck Island 6 plants were harvested. Relocated to the bay near camp Wenonah finding 54 small, single-stemmed plants. At Fish Creek pond 15 small single stemmed plants were harvested from the immediate shallows of the east and north sides.

Total bag count: ½ bag 12.5 lbs

MILF 8.18