Began diving in Bungalow Bay where 2 tall single stemmed plants were removed from the center of the bay. Continued north into Pelky Bay finding 13 1-2 stemmed plants mixed in with thick native growth. Relocated to Little Square Bay where 1/2 of a bag was removed mostly from the tongue and in a small patch found in the southwestern portion of the bay. Plants were primarily young and single stemmed. At South Gull bay 18 scattered single stemmed plants were removed. Continued south to the cove northeast of Doctor’s Island finding another 12 plants.


Started with a dive of the North Basin finding 35 small new growth plants from along the shallow water buoy line. Moved to Gilpin bay where a thorough swim of the western side was performed. A total of 54 plants were found. Mostly small single stemmed young plants. Relocated to the northeastern side of the Birch Island channel and swam south into Bartlett Bay. 3 two-stemmed plants were removed from the channel and no plants were found on the northern side of Bartlett Bay.


Continued diving the north, east and south sides of Bartlett Bay finding 6 tall 2-3 stemmed plants at the dam area continued south toward the south basin finding 3 small single stemmed plants in a cove west of Chapel Island. Continued into the eastern side of the South Basin where 40 plants were found ranging from young single-stemmed plants to old multi-stemmed plants growing 4-6 feet high.


Spent the day diving the South Basin where 46 mostly single-stem plants were removed from the deeper water near the drop off.

Total Bag count: 1 bag 25 lbs

week 11