Began the week taking advantage of calm weather to spot harvest in Little Square Bay. Found a total of 55 plants ranging from short, single stems in the shallows to 6-foot tall multi stemmed plants along the “tongue” portion. Shifted to the bay northeast of Buck Island, finding 8 plants along its north shore, 1 plant in the shallows and 25 plants along its southern shore. Plants along the southern shore were mixed in with lily pads and appeared to be older growth, with multiple stems. Swam the east side of Buck Island finding 9 plants. Shifted to Fish Creek Bay and swam its shoreline. Found 3 plants in near the swimming area by The Point, and 5 plants in the Western area of the bay, in the shallows.
Total plant count: 106


Finished swimming the southern shoreline of Fish Creek Bay, finding 1 plant in the last cove along the way to Donaldson’s marina. Swam the large patch of bass weed in front of Donaldson’s utilizing a line-swimming pattern to ensure complete coverage. Found only 2 plants, 1 being 7 feet tall with 2 stems, and the other was 1 foot tall and single stemmed. Shifted to the 2 bays south of Bungalow bay finding a total of 5 plants near the rock pile in the northern part of the lower bay. 3 of the plants were short while the other 2 were tall with up to 4 stems. Moved to the southern shoreline in the South Basin finding 30 plants. Found an overlooked patch of milfoil a few hundred yards off shore, approximately half way down the shoreline which was mixed in with tall bass weed in about 12 feet of water. Found another 50 plants in this area, which averaged 7 feet tall with 2-3 stems. Finished the day with line swimming North Gull Bay, finding a total of 9 plants. Most of the plants were short with 1-2 stems with a few tall plants up to 6 feet.
Total plant count: 97


Utilized calm weather to spot harvest in the North Basin, finding 24 plants. Average height was 5 feet with 2 to 4 stems. Removed 6 plants in an area previously marked from the surface along the west side of Buck Island. Plants were single stemmed and ranged from 1 to 6 feet tall. Shifted to the Bay north of Bottle Bay, finding 2 plants along its southern shore and 5 plants along its band of bass weed. Plants were single stemmed and ranged from 2-5 feet tall. Swam South Gull Bay using a line swimming technique. Found a total of 45 plants, which were primarily near the southern area of the bay. Plants were mostly single stemmed, ranging from 1 to 7 feet tall. Finished the day swimming the rock-pile north of Birch Island and the cove to its Northeast but found no plants.
Total plant count: 82


Spent the day thoroughly covering Fish Creek Pond. Found plants to be concentrated in two main areas: the southwest corner and the northern shoreline. Found 25 plants in the southwest corner, typically mixed in with lily pads and no more than 4 feet tall with 1-2 stems. Found 60 plants along the northern shoreline, many of which were mixed in with lily pads and native plants in less than a foot of water. Plants averaged 2 feet tall with up to 5 stems

Total plant count: 85

Weekly plant count : 370

Weekly Bag count: 1 ¼ 31.25 lbs

Week 10