Began the Upper Saranac season working the east side of Little Square Bay. Using a zig zag pattern throughout the wide littoral zone. Only around 25 small plants were harvested scattered throughout the east side. Pushing out toward the tongue of bay another 23 plants were found mostly growing in clumps. Plants were 1-3 stemmed and ranged from 6 inches to 3 feet in height.


Started on the North Side of Square Bay swimming west through the major littoral zones of the bay. Plant growth was very minimal throughout the bay only 4 small milfoil plants were found on the divot west of the sandbar. Native plants were very small and just beginning to grow. Moving on to the Divot south of Square Bay 4 plants were harvested. Re-Located to Gilpin Bay due to thunderstorms in the afternoon where 52 various sized plants were harvested mostly from the center of the bay mixed with bassweed.


Worked the East side of Buck Island and the channel area. 6 small milfoil plants were found in the channel. The area between the channel and the island yielded only 2 plants. Possibly due to the thick ice cover this winter. Moved to the north facing side of Buck Island where 7 plants were harvested mostly by the rocky shoal.


Worked the western side of Buck Island finding no milfoil. Native plants were also sparse in the area in comparison to previous years. Moved to Fish Creek pond due to low boat traffic finding 40 plants mostly from the eastern side of the pond in the shallows. Swam the hot spots on the north and west sides of Fish Creek bay finding 3 small plants on the west side in the shallows.

Weekly bag count: 0.125 bags 3.13 pounds
Weekly plant count: 162 plants (based on full size plants 162 plants equals 1.5 full bags)

Week 1
Week 1