2013 Weekly Milfoil Reports
Week 8: 7/8/13 – 7/11/13


Started out swimming in Fish Creek Pond finding 20 plants mostly smaller single-stem.  Moved to the bay North of Bottle Neck getting full coverage of the bay.  15 plants were found all being 5-7’ multi stem.


Began  line-swimming the large bassweed patch in Bungalow bay finding 35 plants.  Moved to the rock pile in Bungalow bay finding an additional 5 plants.  Moved to Fish Creek bay zig-zaging shore to drop off.  30 plants were found most being located in the back of the bay south of the channel.  Swam into the bassweed patch in front of Donaldson’s campground finding 16 mature plants.  Finished the day covering the south and eastern shore of Square Bay finding 35 plants.


Started the day out swimming the Eastern shore of Deer Island where Guy M had informed us he had spotted some plants.  12 large mature plants were found.  Moved to Birch Island finding 35 plants 5-7’ multi stem, mainly concentrated on the Northeastern side.  Moved to Wenonah bay line swimming the basweed patch finding 30 plan


Swam Little Square Bay shoreline finding 35 plants mostly smaller single stem.  Noticed 5 mature plants located on the tongue in Little Square.  Moved into the North basin were the divers found 60 plants, ranging from small single stem to larger mature plants.  Finished the week by thoroughly covering Tommy’s Rock and the Marlboro Club where no milfoil was found.


Weekly bag count: 2 bags, 50 lbs.
milfoil map 2013 week 8
milfoil map 2013 week 8