(Bi-Weekly Update & Map)
Week 7: 6/30/13 – 7/3/13


Removed 1 bag of mature multi-stem plants from the central part of the northern basin near 10 of Guy’s buoys (GB). Removed ¼ bag of plants from the small cove northeast of Buck island,  2 plants from northern Buck island, 30 plants from eastern Buck island, 10 plants from southeastern Buck island, 15 plants from southern Buck and 20 plants from western Buck Island. Removed 5 plants from 2 GB on northern Deer Island.


Removed 50 plants from the “tongue” in Pork Bay. Removed 30 plants from the southeastern shoreline of Pork and 8 plants from the southern shoreline, also 12 plants from the small cove near the southwestern mouth of Pork Bay. Removed 25 plants from Little Square Bay, due to increasing wind we decided to leave and work an area less effected by the elements.  Removed 35 mature plants from southwestern Green Island. Removed 20 young single stem plants from the sand bar northeast of Green Island.


Removed 1.5 bags from little Square Bay. Mostly from the “tongue”.


Removed 35 plants from Pork Bay near 2 GB, in the southeastern part of the bay. Removed 30 plants from the southeastern point near the mouth of Little Square Bay. Removed 6 plants from the northeastern shoreline of Little Square bay. Removed 0 plants from Dry Island, Removed 3 plants from shoreline in front of the old Saranac Inn. Removed 50 plants from Gilpin Bay near 5 GB. Removed 33 plants from rock pile north of Deer Island surrounded by hazard buoys.

Weekly bag count: 3 1/4 bags, 81.25 lbs.

milfoil map 2013 week 7
milfoil map 2013 week 7