(Bi-Weekly Update & Map)
Week 6: 6/24/13 – 6/27/13


Removed 1 plant in front of The Point (Guy’s buoy) hereafter ( GB). 2 plants in western Bottle Bay(2 GB)and 30 plants near the northeastern mouth of Bottle Bay. Removed 2 plants from 2 GB north of Markham Point. Removed 40 plants from north central Square Bay (2 GB), 2 plants from northeast Square (1GB), 8 plants from southeastern Square (2 GB). Plants varied in size, most were tall 6ft tall and 1 to 3 stems.


Removed 75 short multi-stem mature plants from inner Fish Creek Pond and 20 7ft tall multi-stem plants from the outer pond near the State bridge. Removed 1 short multi-stem plant from the channel.  Removed 1 tall single stem plant from Green bay, found 0 plants in Back Bay and only 3 plants along the southern shoreline of College Row. 


Removed 1/3 of a bag of assorted age plants from southern Saginaw Bay shoreline (8 GB), plants were mainly young single stem and short multi-stem in the east and tall 5-7ft multi-stem plants near the mouth of the Bay. Removed (30) 5ft tall 3-4 stem plants from northern Buck Island (2GB). Removed (50) 5ft tall multi-stem plants as well as some shorter single stem plants from the 2 bassweed patches in Pelky Bay.


Removed 1/3 bag from bass weed patch off Donaldson’s (1GB). Removed 8 plants (6 GB from the shoreline of Fish Creek Bay. Removed 3 plants from inner Doctor’s Island and 28 plants from outer Doctor’s island near the hazard buoy’s. Found 0 plants in Bartlett Carry Bay.  Removed 10 young single-stem plants from the small bass weed patch just to the north of Bartlett Carry Bay. Removed 25 tall single and multi-stem plants from the eastern shore in the Birch Island channel about halfway through.

Weekly bag count: 1 1/4 bag, 31.25 lbs

milfoil map 2013 week 6
milfoil map 2013 week 6