(Bi-Weekly Update & Map)
Week 5: 6/17/13 – 6/20/13


Started out on the Narrows West on the south side swimming north. Once the divers reached Donaldson’s they did a tight zig-zag pattern to obtain better coverage. 25 plants were found, mainly 3-5’ single stem. Went to the bay South of East narrows finding 0 plants. Moved to Eagle Island swimming the South and Western sides finding 4 plants.


Began the day swimming full coverage of the shoreline from the bay South of East narrows to North Gull bay. We then swam into North Gull Bay line swimming in previous year’s hot spots. 12 Plants were found. We then moved to the bay East of Buck island focusing on the drop off and shallow marker buoys finding 8 plants all of which were 5-7’ multi stem. Continued to cover the eastern side of Buck Island and the shoreline east of Buck Island. 50 plants were found. Plants were 3-5’ mainly single stem.


Started swimming in Saginaw bay where we were informed Guy M. had spotted some milfoil. Snorkeled around all of Guy’s buoys to maintain complete coverage. 40 plants of various sizes were harvested. After all the buoys were done we then swam from Bull point to the South Basin using a zig-zag pattern when needed. 75 total plants were picked with 50 of those 75 being in the bassweed patch off of camp Wenonah.


The divers dropped in at the South Basin where they left off on Wednesday, swimming all the way up to the bay Northeast of the South Basin. 30 smaller plants were found. Guy informed us he had dropped some buoys on the east shoreline off of Birch Island. 7 Plants were picked between Birch Island and shore. Went to Little Square Bay where 20 plants were found, predominantly 4-6’ multi stem. Finished off the day picking up a few more buoys Guy had in Green Bay. After arrival in Green Bay we discovered many more plants and decided to line-swim to get full coverage of the area. 35 plants were found of various sizes.

Weekly bag count: 3/4 bag, 18.75 lbs.

milfoil map 2013 week 5
milfoil map 2013 week 5