(Bi-Weekly Update & Map)
Week 4:
6/10/13 – 6/13/13


Swam full coverage of Square Bay swimming a tight zig-zag pattern from shore to drop off.  Picked 80 plants ranging from small 2 inch single stems to larger 4 foot multi stem plants.  Went over to the bay north of bottle bay and swam the deeper bassweed growth, thoroughly picking 40 large 4-6 foot multi stem plants.


Began swimming the bay east of Buck Island.  We found a larger patch just beyond the hazard buoys in 15 feet of water.  The plants were 4-6 feet tall and had 5-10 stems.  125 plants were found, a few in the shallows.  We then swam the island south of Buck finding 8 smaller plants.  Moved to Gilpin Bay doing a zig-zag from shore to drop-off and also covering the rock-pile in the middle of the bay.  35 plants were found, mostly smaller single-stem.


Went to South Gull Bay and line swam the bay for full coverage.  150 plants ranging from 1 foot to 4 foot, mainly all single-stem plants.


Started out in Little Square Bay swimming the shoreline.  Decided to stay in Little Square and zig-zag the littoral zone.  Picked ½ bag of plants ranging from 2 inch single stem to 5 foot multi-stem plants.  Moved to Fish Creek Bay hitting the hot spots of the bay including  Donaldson’s.  We found a small patch of 50 plants in the bass weed off of Donaldson’s.

week 4 milfoil 2013
week 4 milfoil 2013