(Bi-Weekly Update & Map)
Week 3: 6/3/13 – 6/6/13


Began on the northeastern side of Buck Island swimming west and south using the zig-zag pattern from shoreline to the littoral zone drop-off. Found 50 plants, mostly single stem 3’ on height, on the hazard buoys on the northwest side of Buck Island. While heading south on the western shore of Buck 20 more plants were found sporadically and an additional 25 were found on the southern shore of the island. Headed to the island south of Buck and picked 40 mature multi-stem plants mixed in with the bass weed. Finished the day in South Gull focusing mainly on the rock piles and the middle of the bay where the bass weed runs. 30 mature plants 5-6’ in height were found.


Swam Deer Island hitting the western and southern sides. 0 plants were found here. Moved over to the eastern point of Bungalow Bay swimming west using a wide zig-zag pattern in shallow. Once divers reached the western point of Bungalow we used a zig-zag pattern deeper out toward the bass weed patch. Majority of all plants were found farther off shore in the bass weed, 75 multi stem 4-6’ plants were found. Moved to the Narrows and swam the eastern shoreline finding 10 plants. Went into Pork Bay and focused on the littoral zone finding 40 plants, mainly smaller single stem.


Started out in Little Square Bay swimming the littoral zone. After swimming towards the “tongue” we decided to stay in this location for the day since we were discovering many plants mainly 4-6’ with 3-5 stems. This has been a problem location in the past so divers concentrated on swimming tight patterns and getting thorough coverage of the area. ¾ of a bag was picked here. Ended the day heading to the northern basin were Guy had informed us he had dropped a buoy earlier that day. Divers swam the area surrounding the buoy and found 7 plants 2’ tall and all single stem.


Began in Saginaw Bay having divers swim shoreline and littoral zones. 50 mature plants were found predominantly in previous years hot spots. Moved to the western side of the Narrows beginning at Donaldsons heading south. 25 plants were found ranging from 1’ single stem to 5’ multi stem.

Weekly bag count: 1.25 bags

milfoil reports 2013 week 3
milfoil reports 2013 week 3