This week we had two crews working simultaneously, harvesting Milfoil and removing benthic mats.


Split crews and sent one crew to continue milfoil removal work while the other began removing old benthic mats in Square Bay.  11 mats were removed.  1/4 bag was removed from Saginaw Bay and the channel at Buck Island.

Mat removal was slow and difficult due to heavy sediment loads and the resulting zero visibility.


Continued with split crews with the milfoil crew removing another 1/4 bag of plants from the Buck Island area and the bay Northeast of Buck Island.  The mat crew continued work on Square Bay removing another 5 mats.  They then shifted to Saginaw Bay and the Big Square Divot removing rebar and locating mats.  Another 3 mats were pulled from Saginaw and 10 pieces of rebar from the Big Square Divot.


The crews were combined to search for mats and rebar in Pelky Bay where only a few pieces of rebar were retrieved.  The crews then headed into Fish Creek and started removing mats in near the Spider Creek inflow.  Mat pulling was suspended when a significant amount of milfoil growth was found and the crew switched to harvesting.  ½ bag was removed from the North end of Fish Creek Pond.  3 mats were removed.


The combined crews returned to Fish Creek Pond where an additional 7 mats were removed (3 from the North end and 4 from the South end, west of the bridge).  A large amount of rebar was also pulled from both areas. 

Weekly totals: 1 bag  25 lbs 26 mats

week 18
week 18