Began swimming the eastern side of Buck Island using a tight zig-zag patern.  This was swam from the shoreline out to the channel.  Continued the swim to the north point and all of the western shore.  75 plants were found.  Moved to the bay North of Bottleneck swimming the shoreline and the bassweed patch.  40 plants were harvested.


Started out swimming Bungalow bay.  The shoreline, rock pile and bassweed patch were covered finding 50 plants, mainly single stem.  Thunder and lightning storms delayed our morning but after they cleared out the divers swam the north, west, and south sides of Deer Island picking 25 plants.  The divers then moved to cover Gilpin bay.  All of Gilpin was swam except for the rock pile in the middle.  30 milfoil plants were found.


Began the day picking plants that were marked by Guy’s buoys in front of the Marlboro club.  25 plants were found in this location.  The bay South and West of the North Basin was then line swam where 110 plants were found.  The divers then moved to Little Square Bay were they swam the tongue and the deeper bassweed.  1/2 bag was found in Little Square.


Square bay was covered today finding 1/4 of a bag.  The swim continued from Square down the shoreline across from Buck Island.  30 Plants were found on this shoreline.

 Weekly bag count:  1 bag    25 lbs

week 17
week 17