Removed 120 plants from Pork Bay. Removed ¾ bag of milfoil from Spider Creek near the Floodwood  Pond inlet. Removed 12 plants from 2 of Guy’s Buoys (GB) off eastern Green Island. Removed 55 plants from 5 GB from North Gull Bay.


Removed 33 plants from 3 GB in Bungalow Bay. Removed 28 plants from the cove south of the Bartlett Carry Bay mouth. Removed 25 plants from Doctors Island. Removed 55 plants from the channel behind Buck Island.


Square Bay: Removed 12 plants from the northeast, 15 plants from the southwest, and 25 plants from the north central cove. Removed 70 plants from the cove behind Buck Island channel. Removed 15 plants from the northwest Narrows bass weed patch.


Removed 1/3 bag from the northern Basin. Removed 6 plants from rock pile found between Green Island and Markham Pt. Removed 25 plants from the sand bar northeast of Green Island.  Removed 9 plants from small cove near the island in north central Saginaw Bay. Removed 120 plants from the southern shoreline of Saginaw Bay.

 Weekly bag count:  1.75 bags     43.75 lbs

week 16
week 16