Milfoil Report 2013 – week 15: 8/26/13 – 8/29/13


Began at Corey’s Island where one bag of mature plants was harvested mostly from the west and north/west sides of the island. This area will need a re-swim later in the week. Pulled 1 plant from the east side of Chapel Island,  1 plant from the Birch Island channel area, 15 from the south side of Indian point and another 26 from gull bay. All points were found by Guy Middleton.


Began on the northern side of Square Bay and continued throughout the entire bay and into the divot to the south 85 plants were harvested of various sizes mostly from the northern side. Moved to the north side of Little Square Bay where 5 plants were harvested marked by Guy buoys. 25 plants were removed from the east side of Buck Island.


Returned to the East side of Buck Island where another 57 plants were harvested mostly from the north area near the shallow water buoys. All plants were small single stems. Moved to Fish Creek Bay where 20 young plants were harvested scattered around the bay. In front of Donaldson’s campground and the western side of the narrows 47 small plants were found. This area should be swam again in the near future.


Began on the southwest littoral zone in Little Square Bay finding 85 various sized plants. Moved to the small cove east of Buck Island where 12 small plants were found. Moved to Pelky Bay where Guy Middleton had multiple buoys out 53 plants were found scattered throughout the bay. At Deer Island another 20 plants were harvested. Finished up in Saginaw Bay pulling another 11 plants mostly from the cove on the northern shore.

Weekly bag count: 2 bags  50 lbs

week 15
week 15