Milfoil Report 2013 – Week 14: 8/19/13 – 8/22/13


Removed 15 plants south of Markham Point, near 2 Guy’s Buoys (GB). Removed 5 plants north of Markham Point (1GB). Removed 45 plants from western Green Island near 1 GB. Removed 6 plants from northern Goose Island. Removed 85 plants from 8 GB along the shoreline of Little Square Bay. Removed 10 plants from rock pile between Deer and Eagle Islands. Removed ½ bag of milfoil from Pelky Bay (5GB).


Removed 100 plants from Bottle Bay. Removed 10 plants from northern Buck island, 75 plants from western Buck and 25 plants from southern Buck Island. Removed 35 plants from 5 GB in the Birch Island channel. Removed 1/8 bag of milfoil from rocky area southwest of Doctors Island.


Removed 13 plants from 3 GB in Bungalow Bay. Removed 5 plants from 1 GB in Birch Island channel. Removed ¾ bag of milfoil from South Gull Bay.  Removed 4 plants from 2 GB in Bottle Bay. Removed 6 plants from 2 GB in Little Square Bay. Removed 20 plants from 4 GB in the southeastern northern Basin. Removed 10 plants from north central cove in Saginaw Bay. Removed 25 plants from the small island cove in northern Saginaw and removed 25 plants from northeastern Saginaw bay.


Removed 20 plants from 2 GB near the mouth of Bartlett Carry. Removed 1bag of large mature plants from cove southeast of Bartlett Carry Bay. Removed 10 plants near 2 GB in northeast Gilpin near the beginning of the Narrows. Removed 23 plants from south of Wenonah point. Removed 5 additional plants from northeastern Saginaw Bay. Removed 30 plants from northeastern Pork Bay.

 Weekly bag count:  2.75 bags     68.75 lbs      

week 14
week 14