Milfoil Report 2013 – Week 13: 8/12/13 – 8/15/13


Started swimming the key areas of Little Square bay pulling 90 plants of various heights although most were young single stemmed plants. Moved to the eastern side Of Buck Island where a couple patches producing 84 plants were found. Some were mature multi stemmed plants.


Started the day doing a thorough swim of Square bay and it’s wide littoral zones finding the bay to be in good shape. 46 young plants were found mostly on the northern side near campsite 4. Moved on to the the Young Life gas dock area finding 10 young plants. Moved to the rock pile in Gilpin Bay finding the area to be in good shape compared to previous years harvesting only 3 plants.


Started swimming the north, west and southwest sides of Eagle Island finding only 11 plants. Relocated to Bartlett Carry Bay where 12 plants were harvested mostly from the northern side and the eastern side near the small island. No plants were found near the dam.


Started the morning swimming the bassweed in the center of Bungalow bay where 16 young plants were harvested. Moved to Camp Wenonah Bay where 60 young plants were harvested from the shallows. Continued into the South Basin and the bay to the east where another 25 plants were removed. To wrap up the day a quick swim on the Northwestern side of Corey’s Island produced a patch of 30 mature plants.

Weekly bag count:  1 bag   25 lbs

week 13
week 13