Milfoil Report 2013 – Week 12: 8/5/13 – 8/9/13


Picked up 13 mature plants in front of the Wawbeek that Guy had marked with buoys.  Moved to the North Basin for the rest of the day harvesting 1.5 bags of milfoil.


Began in the North Basin continuing to pick heavily. 1/2 bag was harvested.  The divers then explored two new locations that Guy Middleton had found.  The two locations were south of Green Island but north of Square and Little Square Bay.  55 plants were found on one and 8 were found on the other, all being old growth plants.  The divers swam Goose Island where 3 large multi-stem plants were found.  We finished the day by thoroughly swimming the bassweed patch in Bungalow bay finding 70 plants.


Started out swimming the southern side of Saginaw bay picking 55 plants.  We then swam the West and South sides of Deer Island finding 25 plants, mainly smaller single stem plants.  Moved to Birch Island finding 45 small single-stem plants, predominantly on the Southwestern side of the island.  The divers then covered Doctors Island were 1 plant was found.


Began fully swimming Gilpin Bay and Gas D

ock Islands picking 120 plants of mixed sizes.  Moved into Pork bay finding 12 mature multi-stem plants.  The divers then continued down the shoreline covering the Eastern Narrows picking 15 plants.  Finished up the day by doing a quick swim in the back Western most part of Fish Creek Bay finding 8 plants in the shallows.

Weekly bag count:  3.25 bags     81.25 lbs      

week 12
week 12