Milfoil Report 2013 – Week 11: 7/29/13 – 8/1/13


Began picking up buoys as follows Windy Island- 4 plants, Buck Island 8 plants, Bottle Bay 7 plants, shoreline south of Square bay 20 plants.  Many buoys were present in Square and South Gull bay so the divers focused on full coverage of both finding 65 plants in South Gull and 75 plants in Square Bay.


Picked up 3 plants off of Buoys on Buck Island and 17 plants were found on buoys off of Green Island.  Spent some time getting full coverage off the bassweed patch between Fish Creek Bay and Narrows West in front of Donaldson’s.  35 plants were found here.  The divers continued up the shoreline covering the Narrows west finding 4 plants.  Moved to North Gull bay finding 0 plants in the bay.  Swam up to the bay South East of narrows and located a small cluster of 20 mature plants.


Spent most of Wednesday getting good coverage of Little Square bay.  Swam the shoreline and the tongue finding 80 plants.  Moved to Saginaw bay and covered the eastern bay and the northern side of the bay finding 30 plants.


Picked up 6 plants off of a Buoy in Gilpin Bay.  Moved to swim the shoreline east of Buck Island finding 30 plants.  Went into Fish Creek bay covering the entire bay finding 40 plants.  The majority being in the back western bay.  Finished the day picking up buoys in Fish Creek pond finding 13 plants and in South Gull finding 9 plants.
Weekly bag count:  2 bags          50 lbs

week 11
week 11