Little square bay- Swam the key areas of the tongue finding 64 various sized plants. Some were young single stemmed and others were tall 2-3 stemmed. Continued swimming the north, west and south areas of the bay finding 1/2 of a bag. Moved to the shore between Square Bay and Buck Island finding 32 scattered plants


Continued into the bay east of Buck Island finding 51 small plants mostly tight to the shoreline on the southern side of the bay. Continued working the north, east, south and part of the western shore of Buck Island finding 3/4 of a bag mostly from the eastern side of the island, although plants were scattered around the entire shore.


Finished swimming the west side of Buck Island finding another 27 plants mostly young and single stemmed. Moved to the shoreline between Little Square Bay and the bay north of Bottleneck a small patch of 68 mature plants were found.  In Bottleneck only 3 plants were found.


Started swimming the east side of the narrows finding 8 plants and continued around into Pork Bay where only 15 plants were found scattered along the wide littoral zones. Moved to the bay in front of camp Wenonah where 9 plants were found. Relocated to the South side of Saginaw Bay where 70 plants were found mainly in the wider littoral zones near the shallow marker buoys


Weekly bag count:  1 3/4 bags    43.75 lbs      

week 10 milfoil report
week 10 milfoil report