The Upper Saranac Lake Foundation’s 2012 Milfoil Control Program is now half way through its 20 week schedule. After 10 weeks of diving, the Program is on schedule, on budget and working better than expected. The Program continues to use a two diver and one top water support person, as we have done for the last two years.

The fourth member, Lake Manager Guy Middleton, remains critical to the success and efficiency of the dive team and its harvesting. Guy’s visual sighting and buoy marking of Milfoil, Lake wide, directs the divers to active locations, saving them time by not having to search for new and recurrent growth areas.

Following the mild and almost snowless winter, an early and warm spring and dry weather, we anticipated early and vigorous growing season. What has been experienced is as expected, but the good news is that the density of Milfoil is less than last year. What is being found are largely smaller (and is some cases single) plants that are new re-growth. There are relatively few stands of mature growth.

On the other side of the coin, Milfoil is being found in new areas of the Lake, but, again, they are small or single patches. While the total amount of Milfoil removed through the first half of the diving season is less compared to the same period a year ago, the divers are covering much more territory. In addition, we are now entering the summer’s most vigorous growing season, where we expect the weekly bag count to increase.

Guy has received a number of “Rapid Response” reports from shore owners of possible Milfoil plants. Many have been Milfoil, while others have been non-invasive, natural Lake vegetation. This is a key part of our entire Control Program. Please do not hesitate to contact Guy: 518-796-1052 or

You can follow the progress of the next 10 weeks of Harvesting reports and maps at – “Milfoil- Current”. The same information may also be found on Facebook: Saranac Lake Foundation. These reports and maps will be updated weekly through Labor Day and bi-weekly thereafter.

The Foundation greatly appreciates the support of the Lake Community. Our Milfoil Control Program would not exist, or be successful, without you.

Thank you.